Friday, February 11, 2011

Where is 'Happily Everafter'?

I think many young women often wonder 'Where is my happily ever after?' It sometimes feels like everyone as found theirs except you; especially leading up to Valentine's Day!
This post was inspired for me to write, partially from this...and she lived Happily Ever After, which I definitely recommend you all read; and partially from a conversation I had with a new friend last night. However, the post I have linked you to does deal more with a general view of all the troubles that can be in life...not just the feelings we seem to be more prone to around this 'holiday'.
The commercialism that surrounds Valentine's Day, is sad, deceptive and warped. After all, love really has nothing to do with red pink and white lacy heart cutouts, glitter, and expensive gifts and flowers. Love also has nothing to do with the obsessive Lust that runs rampant through this holiday and the expectations for it either. I think we can all agree that once you have found the man to spend the rest of your life with, you'll be able to enjoy Valentine's Day with him, a nice chance to just enjoy each other, and I agree that it is a good idea in that respect.
However, I mean to try to deal with and encourage those of us who are in our singleness this Valentine's day, so that is what I mean to focus on now. Somehow, just knowing the faults in Valentine's day doesn't seem to keep us from feeling lonely, somehow unwanted. We can't combat these feelings just with telling ourselves that it's a stupid holiday, because in reality these feelings aren't rising within us because of the holiday. These feelings are triggered by the holiday, but they do not come from it.
I think that the feelings that stem from our deep hidden distrust that God really is writing our love stories for us; whatever the pathway that we have gotten to the deep, unacknowledged conclusion, we have still gotten to it.
Learning to trust God in creating our love stories is one of the greatest struggles we females have I think. If we could learn to trust God utterly, than we would never once doubt how precious, beautiful, and loved we truly are. Sadly, we are imperfect, and perfect trust is not quite within our grasp, but that doesn't mean we can't grow some extreme improvement through growth in our spiritual walk.
I know I'm not saying anything that most of us don't already know, but ladies, I entreat you not to give in to those feelings, thoughts and notions that Satan is trying to use to trip you up. Don't give a second thought to Valentine's day, and know that you are without equal, and utterly precious in God's eyes. He has the perfect story planned for you and your life, and in the end, it will be the perfect happily ever after with Him.
Christ is the only person who can make us whole, and trying to look for a man to do that isn't fair to God, and it's not fair to the man we put those huge expectations on. So, this coming Valentine's day, let's commit to embracing what love truly is, and the One who can truly give it perfectly.

By Cecelia - Guest post blogger

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