Friday, November 19, 2010

21st Century Parenting

When some parents throw lavish parties for their very young children, give in to their every whim and let them live as they please (exposing them to the dangers of worldly living) all in the name of giving them the best of what life has to offer, I can't but wonder what goes on in their heads. I mean for a child who is completely oblivious of his surroundings and will never remember his/her birthday (who remembers their first birthdays anyway) means that it's all about the parents showing off at the end of the day.

Does spoiling a child silly prove that you love them? On the contrary it's your inability to love that makes you spoil them because when a child is being spoiled, the child is given exactly what he/she doesn't need. Otherwise explain how too much sweets, too many toys, too much television, too much junk food, video games, indecent dressing, cartoons and other forms of unproductive engagements (which are the exact opposites of what any human being needs not to mention children) can mean you love your child. Where is the love in that?

If parents keep up with this 21st century system of parenting (which is nothing short of wicked and selfish) the result in the long run will be a generation of children who (when they become adults) may have lived privileged lives but won't be fully equipped enough to LIVE in the real world because truth be told someday they will have to have to slug it out on their own and without the right foundation......, Enough said.

If God the creator of the universe and all that is in, it including us, could chastise us in manners that please Him all because of His love for us (because real love must be tough), why should it be different with how we raise our children?

How can parents be quick to forget that children are not just human beings but souls that have been placed in their custody?If parents knew they would have to account for the soul of each child that was placed in their keeping not just to be pampered but to be returned back to their creator, maybe they would have a rethink.Because truth be told be told, if your child doesn't make it back, U WON'T EITHER, PERIOD!!

I'm not saying children should not be enjoy some privileges at all or parents should treat them like soldiers in the battle field but MODERATION should be the key word and EXCESS should not be the key word. If they don't need it they can't have it. Which leads to the following questions: How much entertainment can they enjoy? How much freedom? How much money? How much restriction? When is the right time to buy your child a phone? Should you monitor what they watch? How do they behave at outings and public places?

If they don't know the value of not having something and can't appreciate what they have, then they can't have it.If they don't know what it's like to be in car without air - conditioning or can't sleep without power, if they must have it because this person's mummy bought it for this person, if they can watch TV for 18 hours a day and know the names of all the cartoons including the ones still being made, if they brag amongst their friends of which countries they've visited and how they fly only first class, if they don't greet their elders etc, then there is a definitely a problem.

I for one (and a number of my peers) grew up in a structured environment. I got home after school, ate my lunch and prepared for my compulsory siesta. After waking, homework was done under my mum's supervision and next was play time with 1hour of television. Evening time came with a compulsory bath (with threats), dinner and bed time was nine. That shaped me a whole lot into the person I am today and definitely prepared me for the rigors of boarding school (away from family and my comfort zone) and most times uncomfortable living conditions. So I can adapt to any situation really.

It's obvious that today's parents have to work longer hours everyday to keep the family and so always suffer time constraints. But ......... it's all about sacrifice isn't it? Should your children be made to suffer for that? Besides there's always enough time for yourself somehow and remember work has been in existence since the creation of man so it's all about management. Besides they are your children, so enough said.

There's definitely been an erosion of values, culture and tradition all because we've given into satan's manipulations. The family has long been under the preying eyes of satan because it's the beginning of the domestic church. So he knows just what to do to ruin the family (compare divorce and abortion statistics).So parents need to be alert and watchful always because we seem to be losing the battle because we are losing the family.

Marriage and parenting are religious vocations in their own right because they have salvific qualities meaning it can help you make Heaven if followed according to God's will because that was the original plan as it was in the beginning. So I believe it's not over yet. Something can still be done and it starts with us as single units before we make that commitment. People shouldn't want to marry because of age or parents or society's stigmatization( which are part of satan's manipulative tactics too) but because they've been called to do so. That way we can be sure of more marriages with stronger spiritual foundations and children that will be raised in the ways of God.

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